Tom Brady’s not so secret new weapon

With preseason football back on TV and fantasy football drafts in full swing, today’s Squirrelologist sports report takes a look at Tom Brady and what is new in New England.  Last season Brady came back from a devastating knee injury to put up some pretty good numbers.  Not good enough to lead The Patriots back to the big game but good enough to show he is still a top gun slinger.  So what is Tom going to do different this year to enshrine himself in the upper echelon of quarterbacks?  The answer is Bieber.  Tom has gone Bieber, and in a big way.

Separated at birth?  Tom’s secret love child?  An alien conspiracy?  Maybe we will never know but we should be concerned.  Tom, wear the same shirt to the stadium every game day.  Don’t change your underwear.  Do any of a thousand rituals designed to improve your mojo on the field but a Bieber?  I suppose if I had Giselle at home and it turned her on I could be convinced to wear a dead racoon on my head as well but short of that, The Squirrelologist has no choice but to drop Terrific Tom’s fantasy draft ranking a few slots.



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59 responses to “Tom Brady’s not so secret new weapon

  1. popscure

    too funny!

  2. bcarl6

    This is just depressing…

  3. Lol great post! Thanks for the chuckle 🙂

  4. sayitinasong

    LOL!! The resemblance is uncanny!

  5. This is hilarious! Love the comparison. That hair cut is so similar!

  6. This is certainly the funniest thing I’ve seen & read all day. Thank you for putting a much needed smile on my face!

  7. I HATE this hairdo! Please men…stop it — for me!


  8. I just wanted to say “yum” to Tom Brady. That is all.

  9. Oh Bieber… Why? It’s bad enough that you have millions of little screaming girl fans, but to have your own trend? To become a VERB? That’s just nonsense.

  10. justin bieber gets on my nerves, yes, but i dont see why people should sayhe should go and die and stuff. that is just nasty.

  11. Oh, Brady. He’s been Bieberized. Such a shame.

  12. hahaha I personally liked the short haired brady. He was the ultimate athlete. Sharp, focused, charismatic, tall, strong. The shaggy hair just takes away from that! Rothlesburger (sp?) did it. That was one time too many for me.

  13. Hahaha. I just saw Brady in the new Comcast ads and I swear I thought he was wearing a wig. Although the wig would have acted better. He looks just like my 14-year old nephew.

  14. That’s really funny and sad lol

  15. LOL. When I first looked at this, I thought…wow Justin looks just like Tom when he was a kid…then I realized… it is Justin.
    That’s so weird!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh.

  16. Betty

    Noooo. That’s got to be photoshopped. Really?

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  18. so THAT’S why i can’t stand the new brady hairdo…

  19. You NEED to cut of yours hairs !

  20. amazing! and sad at the same time. Beiber fever.

  21. I think the both look good, the jacket is nice, but the hair could perhaps be improved.

  22. I was wondering about the hair cut. I thought he was growing his hair out …trying to be a rebel…it turns out he’s going pop. Still think he’s a great quarterback.

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  24. jdschaefer

    Fantastic comparison! What a target for ire.

    Tell Justin Bieber how you feel:

    and get your day going on an even pegging.

  25. I saw him on TV last night and the first words out of my mouth were, “What’s up with the Bieber?” Thank you for validating me. 😉

  26. J

    I am dying!!!! I totally hat this kids hair cut but you gatta do what you gatta do lol. And to boot my kids love Justin baby, baby, baby oohhhhhhh 🙂

  27. I want to kick that Bieber kids ass. He is so annoying! And I would bet the farm that Giselle has something to do with the HORRIBLE ‘do!

  28. The BC Tech

    I wonder what Bieber will sound like when he’s older?

  29. That’s just too much…

  30. jbrower76

    i was wondering if you were going to say bieber’s hair is whacked. i think you were almost complimenting him by mentioning a dead animal. i think it looks like he went thru a dryer the wrong way. how can anyone be attracted to that? (well i guess some people liked the beatles when they were off the wall. ouch. i’m dating myself).

  31. Thank you very much infomation

  32. What a shame… he got “beiber fever….” great… who’s next?

  33. tifmoonfany

    No interesting for me ,but nice post for other people.

  34. I am uncomfortable enough with my 13 year-old daughter lusting after Bieber, but if she goes for Brady I might have to dis-own her! We live in Indy, that juist can’t appen

  35. The likeness is so uncanny… and scary.

  36. hq

    It’s just too much!

  37. My apologies to all the Bieber fans out there, but I can’t help it, I think he looks like a girl.
    And to make it even worse, my son has the same due!

  38. I have to agree, no offense to all Bieber fans out there , but I really think he looks so gay with his due!

  39. Too funny,I don’t like it.

  40. coachcarrie25

    Why would any man in the world want a haircut like that?

  41. Kake jia kadeng pheteck

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  43. They should have not been separated at birth because, when bieber got older his brother walk up to him he would nt know that, that is his brother and he will be asking his mother why he didnt tell him about his long lost brother……..


  44. Hilarious! Just tweeted this @ChiefHotMomma

  45. You’ve got it all wrong. Justin Bieber is in fact Hilary Swank with a weird wig on!!

  46. Kelly Hay

    Honest to God, I thought Bieber was a girl when my teenage daughter first pointed him out.

  47. jimdavis

    It looks as though Tom Brady has become confused about his sexuality,and you are right to drop his rankings a few slots.Hopefully he will snap out of it and be a hero again.

  48. The BC Tech

    As the great Daniel Tosh once said … “He’s gay.” (referring to Bieber)

  49. funny! thanks for that.

  50. impressive! and sad at the selfsame case

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