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Tom Brady’s not so secret new weapon

With preseason football back on TV and fantasy football drafts in full swing, today’s Squirrelologist sports report takes a look at Tom Brady and what is new in New England.  Last season Brady came back from a devastating knee injury to put up some pretty good numbers.  Not good enough to lead The Patriots back to the big game but good enough to show he is still a top gun slinger.  So what is Tom going to do different this year to enshrine himself in the upper echelon of quarterbacks?  The answer is Bieber.  Tom has gone Bieber, and in a big way.

Separated at birth?  Tom’s secret love child?  An alien conspiracy?  Maybe we will never know but we should be concerned.  Tom, wear the same shirt to the stadium every game day.  Don’t change your underwear.  Do any of a thousand rituals designed to improve your mojo on the field but a Bieber?  I suppose if I had Giselle at home and it turned her on I could be convinced to wear a dead racoon on my head as well but short of that, The Squirrelologist has no choice but to drop Terrific Tom’s fantasy draft ranking a few slots.



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Those Razorbacks are sure squirrelly, and todays bad nut

Today’s bad nut goes to radio station KAKS, general manager Dan Storrs, Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino and that segment of Razorbacks who called for reporter Renee Gork to be fired.

Arkansas FootballThe cause of the firing, Gork wore a Florida Gators hat to work.  Now granted Gork is a sports reporter and wore the Florida hat to a Arkansas press conference, unquestionably a faux pas.  Coach Petrino called her out on it and after answering her question said that was the last question he will answer from her while she is wearing the Florida hat. 

Gork made a mistake, a big mistake but not one that reflects her skills as a reporter or radio host.  And Coach Petrino was well within his right to call her on it.  That’s how it goes in the culture of college football.  Had that been the end of it, all would be fine.

Like all people with too much time on their hands and a lack of concern about real issues that plague our society a segment of Razorback fans  called for Gork’s demise.  Now The Squirrelologist isn’t blaming the majority of rational thinking Arkansas fans (go Razorbacks), just the rabid senseless ones that wanted someone fired for one meaningless mistake that had no reflection on how they did their job.  Did Coach Petrino or any Arkansas officials call for Gork’s termination?  They claim they did not but of course stories are starting to leak out suggesting they did.  At a minimum, if they did not want her fired they could have diffused the situation, made a joke and welcomed Gork to the next press conference with a new Arkansas hat.  They could have saved her job.  So if they didn’t want her gone (and we are not sure they didn’t) they are guilty of standing by and watching her hang.

And to general manager Dan Storrs and the KAKS management a giant bad nut for being such cowards and capitulating to a few crazy people who wanted Gork gone.  How pathetic that they could not stand up to support their own employee and instead took the easy way out.  It makes one wonder if there were actually forces from Arkansas and the football program that put pressure on the radio station to take this action and the station had no choice but to do this to maintain their access to the football program.  Either way its sad and pathetic.  Hopefully Gork either sues them for a boatload of cash or rides the wave of publicity to a bigger better job.  She will have the support of The Squirrelologist.

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