Your site for all things squirrelly.

Welcome to The Squirrelologist, your site for all things squirrelly.  Not quite sure what that means?  Don’t worry, you soon will.  There seems to be an endless supply of squirrelly behavior going on.  You find it in business, in politics, in sports, everywhere.  And now you have a place to read about it and report it.

Originally the vision for this site was a consumer action forum.  A location to report on and discuss what passes for customer service these days with the hope that the collective force of the public could motivate those large corporations that we have to deal with every day into improving how they do things.  I soon realized that squirrelly behavior was far more widespread than just that and a full examination of the topic required looking at different subjects.

Now not all squirrelly behavior is bad.  Some is quite entertaining and just plain fun.  Our little furry friends are actually quite smart and resourceful.  So in that spirit we will also explore and discuss some of the more positive actions and behaviors that are occurring around us.

In the end I hope that you will find this site interesting and engaging.  One that will motivate you to return and possibly even share some of your stories and thoughts with the rest of us.

And now for our gratuitous commercial pitch.  On this site you will also find the ongoing story of Shortees (, the venture behind The Squirrelologist.  The horrible horrible story of how it took years to launch a tiny little t-shirt site along with how things are progressing and how I dream of world domination of the apparel industry for men under 5’8″. 

So sit back and relax.  Have some fun and drop us a note about whatever squirrelly behavior you have come across.


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